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About Primitive Instincts Youth Nature Program

Primitive Instincts Youth Nature Program is a fully immersive and experiential outdoor program for youth, teens, the whole family, and adults interested in growing a stronger relationship with nature. We are located on private 11.5 acres in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. 

Programs that are currently offered throughout the school year run from September to May. They include monthly programs that meet on Saturdays and weekly programs that meet once a week.

There are a wide range of different events that can be offered, including Camping 101, Community Camp Outs, Outdoors with Your Family, Making Acorn Flour, and Fire Day. With more growth, more events will be continued to be added. 

The weekly programs are more curriculum guided, although, all the courses at Primitive Instincts Youth Nature Program will be motivated by Passion-Based Learning, where we build relationships to focus on the children’s passions as well as creating passions within the students. At times, students will not be given the answer to their questions and left with the option to further investigate themselves. Kids will be able to utilize books and field guides in our research room, as well as be able to record their discoveries. There will be a combination of intentional and unintentional learning; time for us to do a science experiment or listen to a lesson, as well as given choices of what we should do next or be able to run free. We want to influence independence, a love for the outdoors, and for kids to grow their passions.

The subjects, topics, and discussions of programs include:

  • Conservation

  • Land Stewardship

  • Land Ethics

  • Hydrology

  • Geology

  • Mycology

  • Botany and Wild Edibles

  • Survival Skills

  • Primitive Skills

  • Outdoor Skills

  • Independence

  • Earth Sciences

  • Awareness Skills and Games

  • Hazards

  • Storytelling

  • Community

Will Class Ever Be Cancelled?

          Class will be cancelled is if there is an extreme weather advisory in affect, which includes but is not limited to: thunderstorms, tornado warnings, icy and freezing roads, and flood warnings.

To learn more about the details of the courses, such as exact dates and costs, please visit our Courses and Events page. 

To learn about our Terms & Policies, please go to the Terms & Policies page, under Courses & Events.

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The Gear Students Will Need

During any all-day program or course at Primitive Instincts Youth Nature Program, make sure everyone has what they need for a successful outdoor learning adventure!

Please label gear with names! 

All Students Will Need:

  • Comfortable Backpack

  • Weather appropriate clothing

  • Closed-toe shoes (May wear water shoes or bring them as an addition)

  • Water bottle - 20 oz or larger

  • Packed lunch

  • Two healthy snacks

  • Nature Journal - Keep in a Ziploc bag to keep it safe

  • Writing utensil

  • Any medication needed

  • Sunscreen (on days warmer than 90◦) – kids are required to come to class with sunscreen on

  • Bug spray (on humid/warm days)

  • Extra clothes and plastic bags in car for after class, just in case.

  • Knives will be added to gear AFTER certifications in Knife Carving and Safety have been obtained

We want your children to immerse themselves outdoors. With that being said, please do not send your kids in clothes that they or you may feel uncomfortable with getting them dirty.

During Cold Weather:

  • Please do NOT wear cotton – When wearing cotton on cold days, it is difficult to maintain a warm body temperature when cotton gets wet.

  • Wear wool and/or synthetic layers that will allow kids to stay warm even if they get wet.

  • Bring a warm hat and gloves.

  • If the wind-chill temperature is below 32֯F, we may have to cancel or shorten class time.

During Warm Weather:

  • Please DO wear cotton

  • Pack children’s backpacks with sunscreen, but please apply sunscreen in the morning so reapplication is only necessary in the afternoons.
                    *Sunscreen cannot be applied indoors or near other people.

  • Bug spray is recommended in every season, other than Winter.
                    * Bug spray cannot be applied indoors or near other people.

  • It is not safe to be outside in the woods during a thunderstorm. During thundering storms, we will seek shelter indoors. If the thunderstorm persists, we may have to end class for the day.

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