Primitive Instincts YNP Events

Always Evolving

We welcome youth, teens, families, and adults to come join us at our events to have an outdoor learning adventure! 

From nature crafts, awareness games, fire building days, fire cider making, acorn flour processing, learning how to make oak gall ink, family-oriented events, field trips, knife carving and safety courses for youth and teens, to camps for youth. There is an event for everyone! 

Make sure to check out the "Enroll & RSVP" page for all the courses and events that are currently available. 
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Spring Semester Enrollment is OPEN!

Spring semester enrollment is open for Youth and Teen Homeschool Tribe courses from January-May 2021.
*Youth Monthly is still open for enrollment.

Spring is right around the corner. Primitive Instincts YNP during the Spring blooms with beautiful wildflowers along meadow, wild edibles grow by the bounty, and the weather is perfect for enjoying the outdoors! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Cat at anytime.