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More Details of Weekly and Monthly Courses

Let's have an outdoor learning adventure!

All weekly and monthly courses are held from 9:30 AM-3:30 PM, drop off only.
Rain or shine; only cancelled during extreme weather events.


Weekly Homeschool Tribe

Thursdays - Teens (ages 11-14)
Fridays - Youth (ages 5-10) 

Once a week

Drop-off: 9:30 AM

Pick-up: 3:30 PM

Youth and teens will meet at the property once a week for discoveries to be made and to be guided by our passions. The topics that will be discussed include nature arts and crafts, Earth sciences, entomology, hydrology, geology, botany, ecology, wildlife, ornithology, and more. We will also grow as land stewards, expanding our knowledge on land ethics.  Due to the course being outdoors, we will innately practice awareness skills, primitive skills and survival skills. This allows a wide range of activities to be possible. The activities could be as simple as nature journaling in a Sit Spot or could be as complex as experimenting with soil erosion. Weather and seasons will allow us to encounter different plants, insects, wildlife, and skills. There is so much to learn on the land. We can’t wait for you to become a part of the community!

*Tuition costs are per year, with an option for a payment plan. When you enroll, you agree to the terms & policies. Please read and understand the terms and policies page before enrolling. 


Monthly Nature Quest Clan


Ages 5-12

Once a month

Drop-off: 9:30 AM
Pick-up: 3:30 PM

This group will meet at the property once a month on different Saturdays. They'll go with the flow of nature, uncovering the treasures of the outdoors. As the seasons change, so will our knowledge of our surroundings and the natural processes of our environment. Although there will be a plan for the day, the day will be primarily led by where our passions lead us. For example, if the kids see a caterpillar and it truly excites them, then we might pause the plan for the day to investigate the caterpillar, observe it, properly ID it, and build a little home for it out of natural materials. While doing so, we may discuss the life cycle of the caterpillar, what are the differences between butterflies and moths, and find its host plant. If the children are still enthusiastic about the caterpillar after our day outside, we would go to our research station to place our findings in a secure location, research more information and then log the learned information into our nature journals. By the end of the year, we want the kids to be knife certified, able to build their own fires, more connected to the natural world and informed of environmental science in a fun outdoor setting.

*Tuition costs are per year. When you enroll, you agree to the terms & policies. Please read and understand the terms and policies page before enrolling. 

Weekly & Monthly Youth Courses: Services


If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at anytime. 

For costs and specific dates, go to "Enroll & RSVP" in our menu options or click on the "Enroll Today" buttons on this page, then click on the course you are interested in. 

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