Terms & Policies

Policies of All Registrations at Primitive Instincts Youth Nature Program

Completed registration or enrollment means that you have read and agreed to the terms and policies at Primitive Instincts YNP.

Student Code of Conduct Policy

Students are expected to be respectful to the land, staff, and other visitors on the property.

Any of these following behaviors will be unacceptable and not tolerated:

  • Any display of violence, harm, or abusive behavior to students, staff, visitors on the land, and themselves.

  • Using or bringing tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs on program days.
                    *If there is a need for prescription or over-the-counter drugs, this will be communicated to staff members prior to the program’s day and will be taken only as the label recommends.

  • Not listening to the requests of instructors to the point of disturbing instruction or affecting the safety of themselves or others.

If students cannot refrain from these behaviors, then the following may occur:

  • Remind the child of the agreements

  • Redirection

  • Contact parents

If safety becomes an issue, then the following may occur:

  • Call parents to pick up the student early

  • Ask the child to take a certain amount of days away from the program

  • Dismiss the student from the program – If the student is expelled, there will be no refund

Tuition and Refund Policy

  • 25% of your registration fee to any of the programs will be applied as a deposit and is non-refundable.

  • Primitive Instincts Youth Nature Program policies and costs are based on the investment into class planning, land management, as well as materials, food, equipment purchases prior to program days.

  • Primitive Instincts YNP does not maintain records of private payment information. Refunds may be given in the form of money orders and sent in the mail.

  • In the event of illness and injury during the time of the programs registered, we prefer to make attempts to transfer participant into another program within the same fiscal year. If we are unable to transfer the participant into another program, tuition will be refundable minus the deposit as noted above only if the injury/illness occurs within the first half of the program. Medical documentation will be required.

  • Very rarely, but prices are subject to change. There will not be refunds of differences. 

  • For events and courses outside of our Weekly and Monthly programming for youth and teens, no refunds will be given a week (7 days) before the event/course.

Weekly and Monthly Programs for Youth and Teens Cancellation Policy

If you choose to leave or cancel the program or event that you enrolled in for any reason:

  • 15 or more days before the beginning of the program; you are entitled to a full refund, minus the deposit (meaning, 75% of tuition)

  • 14 days or less days before the start date of the program and after the program has begun; there will be no refunds or credits given.

Absence Policy

When you enroll your child, you and your child are required to commit to the days of the program. Please do not enroll until you are dedicated to attending the dates assigned to the program, as much as possible. 

Absences are expected to occur for any reason. It helps to notify the staff if you plan on being absent from any day of the program. You may call, text, or email to notify staff. 

Social Media Policy

Primitive Instincts YNP is a small, local business and when you become part of our community, you and your family agree and understand that pictures may or may not be taken and shared onto social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Will a class day ever be cancelled?

Rarely necessary, Primitive Instincts Youth Nature Program reserves the right to cancel a program or change a program duration or location due to unforeseen events such as severe weather. Primitive Instincts YNP is not responsible for costs associated in these cases. Remember, there are no make up days and refunds will not be given for these cancellations.

Inclement Weather?:

  • This includes snow, ice, high wind, and flooding.

  • For the most part, we will follow Wimberley ISD for school delays and closures for our programs that run on weekdays.

  • On weekend days, it is entirely the Executive Director’s decision to delay or cancel class.

Property Damage Policy

We will be using tools, fire, and products to enhance the programs and events. If a person has broken or destroyed any of the tools, products or caused severe damage to the land due to their negligence, they will be held responsible for the damage or loss of product, as well as the costs. If a child performed the damage or loss of product, the primary contact will be held responsible for costs. If a person is older than 18 years old, they themselves will be held responsible for the costs.

Liability Policy

Primitive Instincts Youth Nature Program will always have highly attentive staff, where your child's safety is of the upmost importance. Hazards will be a topic of discussion with kids to help awareness. However, the programs are held outdoors, where there is unpredictability of what we will encounter. Therefore, if injuries or illnesses occur, Primitive Instincts YNP assumes no liability.