COVID-19 and Our Programs

Hello friends, family, and community of Primitive Instincts YNP!

This is Ms. Cat, owner and Executive Director. First, I hope this message finds you and your family safe and well.

As a small business that just began in September of 2019, Primitive Instincts Youth Nature Program was devastated by the news of COVID-19. When the virus first started hitting this area, I decided it was best to stop all programs and events for the safety and wellbeing of the students and their families. I carefully followed the news, numbers, and science as time progressed. However, due to the severity of the virus during the Spring, I could not open Primitive Instincts for a summer camp program, which I was looking forward to providing. As Fall came around, I chose to allow families and schools to adjust to their new normal, as well as allow for the numbers of the virus to adjust to in-person schooling. During this time, I have continued to develop the land for the nature program, as well as planted many plants.

Currently, as of Spring 2021, vaccinations are occurring within the community. I will be updating this page as time progresses, including re-opening dates and open houses for youth programs. The plan is to open in the Fall of 2021 or at the very latest, Spring of 2022. 

Let’s be clear, the safety and the wellbeing of the community of Primitive Instincts Youth Nature Program is of vital importance to me. It was not easy for me, in the slightest, to stop doing what I love to do and also still figure out a way to continue.

In addition to, I care to provide opportunities for education and adventures that are of quality, so I will not be rushing into re-opening. 

To all the families and friends who supported me during my first year, thank you for everything.

I cannot wait until we get to play awareness games, get into a mudball fights, and dance in the rain again. Until we get to be together, go discover the magic of the outdoors and the wonderful beauty nature has to offer!

Thank you for your time and love!



175 Wolf Creek Pass
Wimberley, Hays County 78676

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